Our Tonkinese

GC Amimao's And're

Champagne Mink Male

GC, BW, RW Purrtek's Rum of Amimao

Platinum Point Male

Best Tonkinese in CFA 2006-2007

GC, GP, RW Amimao's OPus I

Platinum Solid neutered male

GC Amimao's Alfa Romano

Champagne Solid male

First CFA Grand Champion champagne solid male in 2004

GC Amimao's Sweet Amaretto of Purrtek

Platinum Point Female

GP Amimao's Honey Comb

Champagne Solid Spayed Female

GP Amimao's Victorian Blue

Blue Mink Spayed Female

GC Amimao's Reniee Victoria

Blue Mink Female

GC Amimao's Rumbell Doll

Platinum Mink Female. She is the 2 best Tonkinese in CFA SW region 2009-2010.

GP, RW Amimao's Rumbas

Platinum Mink neutered male

16 Best Cat in premiership, CFA SW region 2008-2009

GP, RW Amimao's Silver Ladie

Platinum Mink Spayed Female

5 Best Cat in premiership CFA SW region 2009-2010

2 Best Tonkinese in premiership nation

Amimao's Godiva, DM

Champagne Solid Female. Godiva produces 5 grand cats and earn her title of Distinguished Merit (DM).

GP Amimao's Carmilla

Champagne Mink Spayed Female

GP Amimao's Achilles

Platinum Solid Neutered Male

GC Amimao's Autumn Joy

Platinum Point Female. She is the best tonkinese in CFA SW region 2009-2010.



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